viernes, 13 de abril de 2007

Unit 16 Telephones a conversation.

in this class i learn "leave a message"

Hi this is Flavia. We can’t come to phone right now please leave us message…
Hi, Flavia? It’s me Eduardo
Hu , hi Eduardo I am Paola, Flavia is take one Shower, I tell she call u later
Yea thanks Paola, tell she can call me at my new fone
Sure give me number….
Is 7846614
Ok thanks good bye Paola

bye Eduardo..

Hello, Eduardo are you there?
Hi Flavia how are you? You got my message?
Yes thanks for calling
No thanks for calling me back..
So what’s up?
Uhh, well do you want to se movie with me?
Hoo, yes I can Eduardo but I need go first my father house you can come with me..
Yes sure Flavia
Thanks Eduardo so se you later?
Ok bye Flavia…

So What you think? Can you leave me a mesage ?

Unit 15 Biography

In this unit i tell abourt my life and life someon admire
I tell abourt my life
My name is Eduardo,I born in Maracaibo in 1986, I student fourth semester at imformatis Engineering in Urbe, I Want to be Video Games creator....

Jackie Chan
The boy who would become Jackie Chan was born April 7, 1954 with the name Chan Kong-sang in Hong Kong. Compared to many other mainland refugees (as a result of China's Communist revolution), the Chan family had it fairly easy. His parents worked for the French ambassador; his father as a cook, his mother as a maid.

Early on, Chan displayed his trademark energy. His parents nicknamed him "Pao-Pao" (cannonball) because he was always rolling around. However, this energy also got him into much trouble. Young Kong-sang was never good at school, and he was always getting into fights using the martial arts training his father gave him (which would result in his father's punishments -- something that Chan would explore in the Drunken Master films). Deciding he had too much free time on his hands, Chan's father enrolled the boy in the China Drama Academy

In 1995, Chan filmed Rumble in the Bronx with the express purpose of making a film that could work for both US and HK audiences. While retaining many "classic" Chan elements, the story was put in an American setting and used many western actors. The gamble paid off. Even though it wasn't a runaway hit, Rumble made enough money at the box office to encourage New Line to re-release several of Chan's older films. The box office draw and continued "buzz" around Chan eventually led to the making of Rush Hour, Chan's first US project in over ten years, which was a huge hit. It became New Line's most successful film to date, taking in over $110 million. Chan's dream of being a worldwide star had finally come true.

Now in middle age, Jackie Chan stands at a crossroads in his life, debating whether to keep risking his life doing the stunts that made him famous, or, like in Rush Hour, concetrating more on comedy than action. Time will only tell, but for his millions of fans all over the world, Jackie Chan will always be "the man."

Unit 14 Last Weekend

Good at my last weekend I did not make anything special alone was in my house sharing wift my cousins who came of caracas and we spend it well we did a parillada and we did great.. later was we go out to the cinema and we went shopping On Saturday remained in house and played the whole day video game and finally on Sunday we rested the whole day in the house of the grandparents...

So tell me.. What do you do last weekend?


Unit 13 Were is Urbe? Giving direction

in this class i learn places and thing...
I can say were is one place do you need, I can tell directions

Unit 12 What's the Matter

in this class in learn the parts of the body the problem we i can feel bad
I make in class one

Unit 11 Festivities and Favorite Celebration

In this class we talk abourt the month and the ordinal numbers
In my country have some Festivities,Carnival,"La Chinita",day of the flag and some more..

My favorite month of the year is september,because is the month on my birthday is september second
my favorite celebration is Christmas,because my family is in home to share this month

Unit 10 Talents and Sports

In this class I learned what sports are used in winter, spring, summer and fall.

In winter people practice: -hockey-basketball-ice-skating-skiing.

In summer people practice:-baseball-tennis-volleyball-swimming.

In the spring people practice:-golf-soccer.

In the fall people practice:-football-bike riding-hiking.

I like sports. I like basketball, baseball and tennis. I play basketball very well. I don't like to watch sports on TV; I think my talent is to play video games. I like them so much. My favorite is Naruto.

Here, there is a video I like very much.

Naruto Shippuuden: Gaara - The best bloopers are a click away

Well, I hope you like it.... Hey, What about you? What sports do you like?